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A Murder in the Park

A Murder in the Park is a documentary that examines the twists and turns that life takes. It also looks at our criminal justice system and the way it works. With his execution just 48 hours away, Anthony Porter’s life was saved by a Northwestern University journalism class. Their re-investigation of the crime for which… Keep Reading

Sake Server

MOUSEKECHEERS – Must Drinks at Epcot World Showcase (Part 2)

In round one of our “must drinks” adventure, we traversed roughly half of the World Showcase at Disney’s Epcot theme park. From tequila to beer to wine, the best of the booze was highlighted for each stop along the route. Now it’s time to batten down the hatches and finish the schnockered circle around the world.… Keep Reading


CD Review: ‘Any Other Way’ by RxGF

CD Review:  ‘Any Other Way’ by RxGF Style:  Indie, Dark Wave, Electro, Alternative Reviewed by Randy Radic RxGF hails from Seattle.  RxGF is short-hand for Radioactive X Girlfriend, which sounds like something out of a bad 1950s sci-fi flick.  And RxGF’s music would definitely work as the soundtrack for a sci-fi movie, although it would… Keep Reading


Creator Profile- Tim Yates

Tim Yates does it all. His new comic book series, Anne Bonnie, is a visual epic that blends historical references with his own storyline. The artwork is stunning and his comic is making waves in the industry while making him a name to be reckoned with in the comics world. Tim has worked as a colorist… Keep Reading

Mousekecheers! Germany

MOUSEKECHEERS – Must Drinks at the Epcot World Showcase (Part 1)

Previously on MOUSEKECHEERS we introduced the sloshed sport of Drinking around the World Showcase at Disney’s Epcot theme park. Today we’ll cover the “must drinks” at each stop on the tipsy tour, starting at the Mexico pavilion and moving counter-clockwise. In this first part we’ll travel from Mexico to Italy, before coming back to finish the trek… Keep Reading


Artist Profile- K. Anthony Lawler

K.Anthony Lawler is a fine artist and story teller. His work can been seen equally displayed on comic shelves and galleries alike. He is an avid enthusiast of science communication,  atheist advocacy, art exploration and spends the majority of his time enriching his life with those pursuits. He has worked on comic projects such as:… Keep Reading


Kansas City Comic Con 2015

The Kansas City Comic Con 2015 will be held at Bartle Hall in downtown KC from August 7-9  and this years show has a full agenda. Celebrities such as Pam Grier from Jackie Brown, Sean Astin from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Colin Baker from Doctor Who, and Ksenia Solo and Rick Howland from… Keep Reading


MOUSEKECHEERS! Top 10 Tips for Drinking Around The World of Epcot

When people think of a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, they may picture scenes of happy families touring the Magic Kingdom. Junior is carried on Dad’s shoulders, both wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Sis and Cinderella embrace in matching dresses, while Mom snaps a proud picture. Or at least that is what the marketing department… Keep Reading

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