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The Ancient Ones

C.E. Allan was born in East London, England. His passion for stories started at the age of three. He was transfixed with books like James and the Giant Peach and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Television programs like Batman with Adam West. And he was completely mesmerized by movies like Clash of the… Keep Reading


CD Review: ‘The RAP-ture’ by 832

Style: Rap, Hip-Hop Reviewed by Randy Radic Hip-hop music came to life during the 1970s, when it was called “disco rap,” and like most genres of music, it has traveled through various stages of growth over the years. Around 2005, Hip-Hop music suffered two simultaneous changes. First, Hip-hop attained mainstream status. Second, the bottom dropped… Keep Reading


The Institution

The Institution is a new band emerging out of the San Fransisco scene and their music brings to mind the Deftones, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins and other hard hitting progressive metal acts. But they aren’t just pure aggression as singer/lead guitarist/songwriter Jay Scott brings a melodic quality to the songs that juxtaposes the power and force… Keep Reading

D. Green

CD Review: ‘For The F.E.W.’ by D. Green

Style: Hip Hop Reviewed by Randy Radic Bronx hip hopper, D. Green, has a new album out. It’s called For the F.E.W. And it’s brilliant! Green’s lyrics are simply dazzling, going far beyond the usual hip hop quatrains. Green doesn’t simply write lyrics, he engages in verbal pyrotechnics. For example: “I even lost my inspiration… Keep Reading

Pop Culture

Star Clipper Comics in St. Louis

  Comics are a big industry, but besides the comic cons that tour around the nation each city has its selection of comic book shops to supply the locals with their favorite titles and newest releases. In St. Louis, Star Clipper is the premier comic book store and has been an institution for comic book… Keep Reading

Pop Culture

Star Wars #7 Preview

The Secret History of Ben Kenobi Revealed in STAR WARS #7!   This July, experience a very special issue of the blockbuster Star Wars series as special guest artist Simone Bianchi (Thanos Rising, Astonishing X-Men) joins chart-topping writer Jason Aaron for a look back into the past with STAR WARS #7! Luke Skywalker has uncovered the journals of his… Keep Reading

Citizen of Earth

Aradia’s Citizen of Earth

CD Review:  Citizen of Earth / Aradia Style:  Electronic, Rock, Pop, Electronic Dance Music Reviewed by Randy Radic Born and raised in New York City, Aradia demonstrated a penchant for music at an early age, taking up the piano when 3-years-old.  She mastered the flute, followed by the guitar by the time she was 14. … Keep Reading


Greg McKinney Go-For-It Graphic Artist By Anthony Tinsman

  Off parole and house arrest, Greg McKinney is glad he still has his hair. He plans on attending next year’s San Diego Comic-Con International, the major convention of professionals and exhibitors, and may swing by the Alternative Press Expo, a large gathering of independent, self-publishing and alternative comic creators. “I guess I’ll get some… Keep Reading

Pop Culture

Prison Life for Michael Dowd, Star of The Seven Five

A lot of people watching the hit documentary, The Seven Five, might not now that its central character spent over a decade in the Bureau of Prisons for the crimes he committed as a corrupt NYPD officer. The Gr1nd got with Michael Dowd and asked him about the time he did in the feds. As… Keep Reading

Ken Gerhard Monster Hunter
Pop Culture

INTERVIEW – Ken Gerhard, Monster Hunter

Clad in black leather and wearing a cowboy hat emblazoned with a shiny skull, Ken Gerhard looks a bit like a rock-and-roll Indiana Jones. The Texan’s passion is cryptozoology, or the search for rumored animals not yet discovered by mainstream science, called cryptids. Since childhood, the famed monster hunter has traveled the world searching for mysterious creatures of… Keep Reading

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