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High Art in Low Places

By Anthony Tinsman You hear “underground comics,” you think The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Tijuana Bibles, or Shojan porn starring interdimensional penis monsters. Nothing you’ll see listed in a Tokyo Pop brochure, or easily passed on a magazine rack at your local info shop. Sometimes you find underground comics with a real message. The problem… Keep Reading


‘Psalms of Zahyin’ by CalatrilloZ

Release Date: June 22, 2015 Reviewed by: Randy Radic Speaking of overcompensation, CalatrilloZ is an operatic, hard rock, metal band from London. The band is a quintet: Zahyin handles vocals, arrangements and composition. Mobius plays bass; Azriel is one of two axe-men, the other being Vargovar; drums are the purview of Jimmy Sticks. They bill… Keep Reading

Pop Culture

Hip-Hop Covers for Marvel Comics

Expression and art form merge between Marvel Comics and the world of hip-hop with a unique line of HIP-HOP Variants covers inspired by some of the most iconic and well received hip-hop and rap albums of all time. Accompanying each all-new #1 from Marvel Comics coming this fall, fans will get the chance to purchase their own… Keep Reading

Pop Culture

Chewbacca #1

Legendary and relentlessly loyal Wookiee warrior, Chewbacca, has continued to battle the empire in the hopes of restoring freedom to the galaxy. Through unwavering and steadfast devotion to the rebel cause Chewbacca has always stood on the frontline to bring peace to a galaxy far, far away. This October, Chewbacca, along with an unlikely side-kick,… Keep Reading

Pop Culture

Vader Down

Two of the biggest comics in the world collide as STAR WARS and DARTH VADER cross over for the first time! Today, Marvel is pleased to present VADER DOWN – a blockbuster six-part crossover beginning this November! Chartbusting writers Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Thor) and Kieron Gillen (Darth Vader, Young Avengers) join forces with blockbuster artists Mike Deodato (Original… Keep Reading


Troublesome Two

Troublesome Two – Fire Pit (Official Video) | Shot by Obscure Diamond All this trouble got started a few years back when two rowdy kids from opposite sides of the Nebraska track crossed musical paths… Christian “Fr!day” Freed is from Papillion, Nebraska and was raised in a rock-n-roll household, he started rapping at age 13 after… Keep Reading

Artur U & the New City Limits

CD Review: ‘Holiday From Eternity’ by Artur U & the New City Limits

Style: Alternative, Rock, Pop Released: February 27, 2015 Reviewed by Randy Radic In Finland, rock music is called suomirock or Finsrock and, unfortunately, few Finnish bands enjoy success in America. Probably because most Finnish rock bands rely heavily on potent keyboards, and thrashing guitars. Apparently, in Finland, the fine art adage “if you can’t make… Keep Reading

Mantis Shrimp by Jake LaGory
Pop Culture

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT – Jake LaGory, Monster Maker

Giant monsters! Super-sized beasts! Mysterious creatures! Jake LaGory is a North Carolina artist with a passion for (super)nature’s big, bad, and beautiful.  His illustrations celebrate the famous monsters from fiction and folklore that inspired him as a child. Now he inspires the next generation of artists as a teacher in the Asheville public school district. GR1ND… Keep Reading

Joe Blessett

CD Review: ‘Excuse Me’ by Joe Blessett

Style: Jazz, Soul, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic Released: January 12, 2015 Reviewed by Randy Radic Multi-talented Joe Blessett recently released an album of his music. Among Joe’s panoply of talents: engineer, internet radio station owner, entrepreneur, composer, producer, videographer and internet recording artist. The album is called Excuse Me. The term that most aptly describes… Keep Reading

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