Black Ship Books Profile on Supreme Team

Supreme Team Vigilantes are but the caped side of a comic-book coin. Supreme Team is a narrative focused on the seedy underbelly of said currency. Inspired by a true story, this book centers around Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff as he establishes himself as a drug dealer in 1980s New York City. It is a tale to which author Seth Ferranti… Keep Reading

The Tallent Brothers - Back On The Old Stuff

The Tallent Brothers – Back on the Old Stuff

Back to the Old Stuff is all about the feel good, and I’m getting to know it better every time I spin it. To compare the sound of The Tallent Brothers to anyone else ~ well, I’m not sure that would be fair. To me, the Brothers are smooth balladeers with down home style, and… Keep Reading

Comics/Pop Culture

The Divine: A Chat with Boaz Lavie

Sometimes an image can spark all kinds of ideas and inspiration. Boaz Lavie and Hanuka brothers used a breathtaking and iconic photo as inspiration to collaborate on a riveting graphic novel that explored the imagery they felt while viewing the photograph. The Divine graphic novel is the result of that and The Gr1nd got with… Keep Reading

Comics/Pop Culture

Joe Wills, Artist for Supreme Team

When you rummage around one’s basement, you would expect to find the typical flair: Christmas decorations, boxed up children’s toys, the water heater. In the Wills’ household, you may find something you didn’t expect when take a walk down the steep staircase. Under the pipes and wooden floor beams sits an enormous sleek contemporary black glass… Keep Reading

Comics/Pop Culture

Nerds United Episode 50: A Supreme Episode

Nerds United Episode 50: A Supreme Episode With Greg Mehochko  You hear “Supreme” in reference to comics books. And if you’re like me…you think of “The Supreme Sorcerer,” Doctor Strange. But we’re going in a different direction. Meet Seth Ferranti, writer of The Supreme Team. He has been working with Stache Publishing’s Anthony Mathenia to transform his book… Keep Reading

Comics/Pop Culture

Back Supreme Team on Kickstarter Now

Back Supreme Team on Kickstarter Now- This is the most riveting and real true comic coming out today. Gritty and raw, writer Seth Ferranti brings you the tale of Queens most infamous gangsters who not only took the drug world by storm they influenced and supported the rapper in the early day and hip-hop was… Keep Reading

Rock Masters Band

Music Review: ‘Hit the City/Diamonds’ by The Rock Masters Band

Style: Rock, Indie, Blues, Psychedelic Reviewed by Randy Radic Billed as a “rock and roll supergroup” from Finland, the original Rock Masters Band was formed in 2007 by Sami ‘Haxu’ Hakala. That version of the band included Henka Fagerholm on bass; Mano Rantanen on drums and Teemu Holttinen on guitar. After two albums, the band… Keep Reading

Delilah Sings Sarah + 1

Delilah Sings Sarah + 1

Reviewed by Randy Radic Delilah Sings Sarah + 1 is the name of the album, which is a tribute to Sarah Vaughan, the American jazz superstar known as “The Divine One.” Vaughan sang what was called lounge jazz, but because of her dynamic voice it became something more. The danger for Toronto’s Delilah, who, like… Keep Reading

Zelda II Adventures of Link Title Screenshot
Video Games

Hard NES Games Worth Playing

You’ve likely heard the term “NES Hard” when referring to video games. It hearkens to the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System where many games were incredibly tough and difficult to finish. If you were around to game in the mid to late eighties and early nineties, you likely know what it feels like to… Keep Reading

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