Disunity #1 Preview

POV Comics is helmed by Rem Fields and he has been working overtime to get his indie comic publishing company the success it deserves. His latest release Disunity is a sci-fi thriller the combines awesome artistic sensibilities and scientific notions of what the world is and what it can be. To get the real deal we… Keep Reading


Comic Profile- Bullets and Angels

Master Plot comics is the brainchild of Brian Lee Bryd and has a number of interesting comics either out or in the works with titles like Cocaine Pet Shop, Tokyo Ghost and The Offended. As an independent comic publisher Master Plot Comics specializes in creator owned comic books and indie comic book podcasts. After having… Keep Reading

Fear and Loathing front 300dpi

Fear and Loathing in Comics

Fear and Loathing in Comics When it comes to counterculture journalism Hunter S. Thompson, the aptly named Dr. Gonzo takes the cake. As a marauding writer for Rolling Stone magazine in the early 70’s he invented the school of Gonzo Journalism and his cult classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, has come to be… Keep Reading


Corey Fryia Flies High with Doctor Crowe

Corey Fryia is a Canadian-born comic book writer who now lives in the southern United States. He’s a community minded creator with past works helping non-profit organizations. He edited Out of the Blue, which gave back to child-literacy organization The Comic Book Project. At the SoKomics Expo he sold prints of his canine comic strip Good Boy to… Keep Reading

Lee Milewski

Comic Creator, Lee Milewski in Focus

Southwest Florida’s Lee Milewski is heating up indie comics with a slew of successful comic book projects. While the genres are diverse, the stories deal with themes of personal introspection and world exploration. The comics are brought to vivid life with a unique brush art style. He’s recently released a fantasy graphic novel Hunter’s Lore through Stache Publishing. Now… Keep Reading

character concept 2

Hard Wyred Creator Erik Bitmanis

Hard Wyred is the creation of Canadian Erik Bitmanis, who promotes his book as an epic new sci-fie/cyberpunk comic series that features tech coat wielding gunmen, corporate scheming and a giant baby. Its a fantastical tale reminiscent of The Matrix where people hook themselves into machines so that they don’t have to go back to… Keep Reading


Bounded Issue 2 from Mel Rubi

Boundead is a new comic from Mel Rubi. Rubi has been working in the comics world for over 20 years illustrating characters and doing covers for Marvel, Darkhorse and Image, among others. He has been around the block as they say but Boundead is a creator owned project that he has put out himself, first… Keep Reading


A Chat with Aporkalypse’s Jordan Williams

Aporkalypse Stache Publishing is bringing all type of awesome material to the comics world- Hunter’s Lore, Supreme Team, Out of the Blue, Gun Powder Witch and more. Their titles are as diverse was they are amazing. With interesting storylines and beautiful artwork Stache Publishing is the next big thing in indie comics. But they are… Keep Reading

Pop Culture

The Dark History Con

The Dark History Con is an annual event showcasing the darker side of history. Crime, gangsters, serial killers, spree killers, assassinations, public enemies, women’s suffrage, the civil rights struggles, Native massacres, tragic events, anything not covered in “history books”. Lest we forget, it is the victims of these events that are the most important to remember.… Keep Reading


Artist Profile- Jeremiah Lambert

I was walking into Wizard World St. Louis a couple of months ago on Friday afternoon and I saw this dude hauling in all his stuff by himself on a trolly. I tried to get the door for him but he was going to a different one. In the hallway I struck up a conversation… Keep Reading

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