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The Hope House: Men’s Sober Living TV Show

Glenn Langohr spent 10 years in some of California’s worst prisons on drug charges before becoming a best selling author. Now he is to producing a Docu-Reality TV show about a Sober Living Home which shines the light on the process of getting sober and staying sober in a house filled with alcoholics and drug… Keep Reading

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B. Clay Moore’s Big Hawaiian Dick

by Scott Michael Dunn @scottmdunn B. Clay Moore has spent the last ten plus years working his Hawaiian Dick formula and finally, after all the effort, it looks like these comics are about to hit Prime Time. After years of writing and promoting, a recent pitch to NBC has met with the first level of… Keep Reading


A Chat with Headliners creator Kevin Strieter

Kevin Strieter is the creator, artist and writer of Headliners, a comic that introduces readers to a new universe. Headliners is just the first of many series Kevin has planned. You can check out his work at THE GR1ND just sat down with him for an interview about his comic book and all that… Keep Reading


Once Our Land Graphic Novel

Peter Ricq is a multitalented renaissance man. Besides releasing music and playing in a band, he also is directing a feature film and putting out Once Our Land, his first graphic novel. He is a man of many talents. I was attracted to the art displayed in his graphic novel and the contradictions between the… Keep Reading

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From Dirt Track Racer to NASCAR

When people talk about the world of racing, NASCAR immediately comes to mind. Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon and Danica Patrick are the names associated with the big money sport, but when it comes to dirt track racing and super late models its a different story. A cacophony of dirt racing circuits crisscross this country,… Keep Reading

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Headmetal Comics

The Gr1nd recently talked to Chris Orndoff, the publisher at Headmetal Comics. He broke down what his graphic novel, The Headmetal Racket is about and let us know the players involved. Check out the interview and check out Headmetal Comics too. What is Headmetal Comics? Headmetal Comics started one night at band practice. I told… Keep Reading

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Films on Serial Killers

John Borowski is a Chicago filmaker who has delved into the world of serial killers since day one. His films examine the lives of some of the most brutal murderers society has ever dealt with. But John prefers to cover the pre-1930s serial killers. His films cover men like H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish and Carl… Keep Reading


Masks- Creator Profile

Indie comics is a wide open field. All you have to have is an idea, an ability to write and an artist willing to draw your comic. New comics are coming out all the time. With the way technology is now any writer serious about their craft can compete with the big boys. We got… Keep Reading

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Artist Profile- Riana Moller

The title of this is Artist Profile- Riana Moller, but in essence Riana Moller is much more than an artist. To simply label her that is an insult to her talents. She is an artist, a creator, a graphic visual artist and designer who does comics, video games and more. I first met Riana when… Keep Reading

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