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Artist Profile- Riana Moller

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The title of this is Artist Profile- Riana Moller, but in essence Riana Moller is much more than an artist. To simply label her that is an insult to her talents. She is an artist, a creator, a graphic visual artist and designer who does comics, video games and more. I first met Riana when she agreed to do the awesome cover for my Supreme Team comic. I don’t think I could have found a better cover artist. I was amazed by the art and what she did turning the real life characters from my book, The Supreme Team, into artistically accurate life like portrayals for the graphic novel. Known as Fealasy on her Deviant Art profile, Riana has been in the industry for a minute. Mostly working on video games like Hitman and Ryse: Son of Rome she has found time to create her own comic book on web toons in limited edition of course. Everything Riana does is exclusive. Her artwork is impeccable and stunning. She is clearly an auteur of the canvass, even if her canvass is a computer screen. The Gr1nd sat down for a chat with Riana to find out more about the mysterious and alluring creative talent from Denmark.

How did you first get interested in drawing?

Most children are interested in expressing themselves from an early age, so I’d say almost instantaneously. But when art allowed an escape from a set of increasingly painful realities that’s when I fell in love with it.


How would you describe your style?

Surrealadelic when it’s good. Renegotiable when bad.

What comics have you drawn or been involved in?

In the past I had a stint with the printed newspaper world, allowing me to have a weekly strip about an miserable woman and her depraved imaginary friend trying to cope with “the real world”. Recently I completed my first graphic novel that goes into some painful truths about my past. It takes on the topic of school-shootings and bullying, but from the point of view of the harassed shooter. It’s semi autobiographical and tries to explain how I escaped those terrible desires. And lastly I had the pleasure of giving a contribution for Seth Ferranti’s growing project The Supreme Team. A man I hope to collaborate with again.


What video games have you worked on and in what capacities?

I worked on the Hitman series and Ryze for prolonged periods, and several still unpublished AAA titles from my time at Volta and lots of indie-this-and-that games. All while working my way up from being a trainee to art director.

Where are your from?

A small southern island in Denmark named LOLand. But there wasn’t always a lot to laugh about.


What was life like growing up for you?

Difficult outside the family home. There was a lot of isolation, spite and condemnation for anything that stuck out from the accepted standard template in a small town. From simply revealing my lack of faith in a god I was labelled a “spawn of the devil” by our local preacher, which evolved into a lot of bullying, verbally and physically. I just very recently have been capable of shaking off the insecurities and mistrust, but it was worth it somehow. By not conforming and having to deal with hardships, a lot of valuable lessons and skills have been learnt.

What have you learned over the years working as an artist and graphic designer?

That honesty and self-expression rules supreme. I had jobs that by financial and reputation standards should have made me happy, but failed to entirely. There’s a lot to be taught by stepping into others footsteps, it’s crucial to do, but has it’s limits. I finally feel liberated enough to take on a truly dangerous route.


Where are you based out of now?

My life is currently in uproar, a long list of very positive but also intense events are taking place as I slowly ready myself to move to the other side of the planet. From my latest expat experience in Prague to Sydney, Australia.

What are your current projects?

There’s two. One is more aligned with my older style of work as it revolves around an animated comedy show. The other… Will be something a bit more interactive on a real life level.

When you first started drawing did you think you could make a career out of it?

I knew I could fall in love with it, that’s what mattered and what got me places.


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Artist Profile- Jeremiah Lambert

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I was walking into Wizard World St. Louis a couple of months ago on Friday afternoon and I saw this dude hauling in all his stuff by himself on a trolly. I tried to get the door for him but he was going to a different one. In the hallway I struck up a conversation with him as we walked to the entrance. Seems he was an artist. I told him I would visit his table and check out his stuff. When he finally got set up I ventured over and I was very impressed by his artwork. Jeremiah Lambert is a very talented and creative individual. The Gr1nd is happy to show his art on our site and to give you all the exclusive. Here is The Gr1nd interview with Jeremiah Lambert-


When did you start drawing comics professionally?

Around 2009 I made a hard push after getting laid off of my engineering job to get work. I made a small splash with a few small press publishers to get some work for hire stuff published.

You have done a lot of work on indy comics, what’s next?

Probably just more of the same indie type stuff. I’ve since reacquired another day job so time is limited so it will be mostly small projects unless some kind of big break happens. Which if it did I would go for it.


How did you hook up with Hasbro?

Val Staples, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and more Colorist, posted a post in a help wanted/for hire forum cause he had some work from them and I was lucky enough to see it right away and show him my stuff. He liked it and gave me the gig. It was fun, but only a one time for hire thing. maybe someday again though. We’ll see

You are known for your parody art how did that come about?

Mainly with that “Killer Super Mario” piece. That one went viral and since then I’ve just been doing pieces that amuse me such as throwing a twist on classic cartoon/video game/comic characters. People have responded to that and it has been great.


What do you like about going to cons?

A chance to meet with people that dig my art. Seeing them smile and laugh at things that I’ve created is an extremely gratifying experience. And i won’t lie, the money is nice too.

Do you find yourself getting a lot of commissions and what do people want you to draw?

I get a moderate amount and the spectrum of subjects is vast. From mash up superheroes (spider-flash) to sexy male superheroes (as opposed to the standard sexy female ones). I’ve done Gagic the Gathering commissions and people’s original characters, xenomorph zombies and anime mixed with video game mash ups. Currently doing original art for a guy’s lyric video featuring a bunch of bikini babes… Rarely is there a commission to say, just draw spider-man or something. Ha! But I love doing it.


If you could draw any big character who would it be and why?

Spider-man. Spidey’s been my fav character since I realized I like comic books and to work on an official Spidey story would be a dream.

Why did you start drawing in the first place?

Part of my soul for sure and genes I’d imagine. I feel like I just need to draw sometimes. My dad’s a working professional commercial artist too so there is the genes. He both introduced me to comics and art and i just took to it like instinct. I’ll always be grateful to my father for sharing that with me.


What comics did you read growing up?

Lots of marvel. In the 90’s I branched out with the comic craze and got in with the Image craze and dipped into Dark Horse some and a few others. Marvel is my mainstay though and still is. Don’t get me wrong they piss me off to no end sometimes but I’m hooked like a crack addict. It’s hard to not love these classic characters that I grew up with.

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