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Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis

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Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis


Wizard World was in St. Louis and everybody knows that Wizard World is about the celebrities. The headliners for this show in Hustle City were George Romero, Tara Reid, Jason Mewes, Giancarlo Espositio, and more. It was Dawn of the Living Dead, Jay and Silent Bob and Breaking Bad all together and rolled in one. I even got a photo with Jason Mewes. I’m a big fan of his and has followed his career since Clerks. The lines for the celebrities were long and many Wizard World attendees were taking the opportunity to get autographs and take selfies with the stars. But Wizard World is much more than the celebrities.


A lot of people think comic cons are just about the comics. That might have once been true but these days comic cons like Wizard World are major multimedia and entertainment type events. It was wall to wall people in St. Louis and the locals came out to represent in mass. The comic con kicked off with a VIP party at the Hard Rock Cafe at the historical Union Station. On Thursday night comic conners got an advance notice of what the weekend was going to be like as Christian Kane and one of the tattoo artists from Epic Ink. There was a short Q and A and then Christian Kane played performed some of his song as the Kaniacs went crazy. The Levity actor has his own fan crew and one of the ladies there said she had been to 74 of his shows. Dedicated indeed.


On Friday Wizard World opened at three pm. It wasn’t that crowded at first but later that night the people started rolling in and on Saturday the crowds would come. George Romero and Jason Mewes had long lines at their booths and were working the crowds but more celebrities would be rolling in. Walking around and taking in the sights at a comic con can be a little surreal. With all the people in costumes, all the vendors and the creators plus artists there is a lot to see. Its not all about the costumes and celebrities and comics though other things are going on at Wizard World. Namely business.


Action figures, toys, t-shirts and  costumes are in abundance as many vendors are there hocking their wares. And at a comic con people are coming to buy. Wizard World is a good excuse to spend money for people. They come to escape and journey into the world of movies and fantasy and the absurd. That is why so many people dress up. They want to be someone else and leave the routine of their life and act like they are in a film, playing a role like the celebrities that are signing autographs and taking photo ops.


The people in costumes must feel like stars because if they have a good costume everybody there is asking them to stop so they can photo. Just like the celebrities, the cosplayers are in high demand. But despite all the distractions when it comes down to it the comic con is really about the art. The celebrities and the spectacle of costume goers is nice but the mainstay of a comic con, even a Wizard World comic con is the artwork of the artists. Artist’s alley was w as bumping as conners commissioned piece of art, met the creators and artists and bought independently produced comics.


Another big highlight of Wizard World was the panels. Highlights included Everything Doctor Who, Falconry, Walking Dead panel, Adventures in Middle Earth, Night of the Living Dead panel, Game of Thrones panel, Mall Rats panel, The Rebirth of the Sword, The Life and Times of Tara Reid, Breaking Bad panel, and of course the obligatory costume contest. But the highlight of the panels was the Falconry: The Ancient Art, which was held everyday and was packing them in as the trainers carrie and few there cards around.

That was Wizard World St. Louis 2015. Be sure to check out a Wizard World comic con coming to your town soon.

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