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There are some who remember going to the “video store” to rent the latest movie on VHS. When DVD’s hit the market, we still rented movies, but crazy red boxes showed up all over the place and we drove to pay a buck to get a DVD dispensed. And then, what seemed like an almost simultaneous launch, streaming emerged. With video stores as archaic as VHS tapes, the long lines in front of the infamous “Redbox” have now dwindled as well thanks to the streaming phenomena we now have access to today. Local, creator/director of Always Late TV. Kevin Edwards, is a forward thinker with streaming information to the masses.

AlwaysLateTV4 - Dani

According to Edwards, “We, at Always Late TV, want this site to be St. Louis’ source for original, home grown shows and documentaries.” Edwards has past productions to thank for the growth and success of Always Late TV.

One of Edwards’ current and all-time favorite productions with is his first project: “Local Ambition.”  He started this series in 2013 and has produced four seasons thus far. With season (5.0) beginning in February of this year, Edwards is celebrating over five million views in 50+ countries. 5.0 is currently in pre-production with plans to start actively filming in February.  “Local Ambition” is a reality series with women competing to win the loosely put title “Most Ambitious Entertainer.”  5.0 is also offering $1,000 in cash prizes and potentially more if things go well. The viewership growth, according to Edwards, could expand and allow more prizes and opportunities for the contestants.  Women of all shapes, sizes, looks, and experience levels throw themselves into the mix of this show.

You can stream “Local Ambition” seasons on your computer, whenever you want, wherever you want (bearing an internet connection), and yes, it is free.  With “Local Ambition” heading into production this February with 5.0, here’s a peek at season 4 and the swimsuit round.

Always Late TV.advertisement is recognizably gaining attention locally, nationally, and globally, utilizing regional talent and developing opportunities for those aspiring to entertain.  Edward has a couple projects keeping him busy these days. “Brother vs. Sister” is wrapping up final edits and releasing later this year in May.  Edward is expanding his talent profile from reality streaming with this fictional drama.  The plotline is about a sister left behind to clean up after her brother reveals dark secrets, unmentionables that were never to be shared with the small town they live in.  Dani Jay, a participant in “Local Ambition” season 4, crew member for (5.0), and staring in “Brother vs. Sister” is overcoming physical obstacles (fibromyalgia) and achieving her dreams with her start on Always Late TV.

We had an opportunity to visit with Kevin. He shared some of his thoughts with us about his projects and personal ambitions.  Here’s a little insight into Kevin Edward and AwaysLateTV.

Tell us about your inspiration? The why and what that inspired you as creator?

My inspiration for Brother vs. Sister is hard to explain.  What happens to our main character, Ryan Lancaster (the sister) is loosely based off of what happened to a woman in the town I grew up in.  The decisions that she made came back to haunt her when the town found out about them.  She lost everything and her life, and the lives of her family, changed forever after that.  That true story is the basis for the start of Ryan Lancaster’s character on the show.  Everything that happens after that is fiction.

My inspiration gets harder to explain after that.  I’m not sure why I get a lot of the ideas that I get for stories and characters – but I get them.  I guess that’s all that counts, right?  I usually find that if I sit down and try to write – I’ll get nothing.  When I’m ready for bed; in the shower; or driving – I’ll get my best ideas.  Then I scramble to find something to jot them down on (because I’m still not the type of person who puts that stuff into their phones).

I have tons of sheets of paper in my desk with ideas written on them that I use from time to time to help me write Brother vs. Sister.

I can’t say that the characters or stories on the show were inspired by anything I’ve seen in television or movies.

AlwaysLateTV - Brother vs. Sister

How do you feel about the talent base available locally?

A lot of these characters on the show are dark.  Their situations and behavior are pretty extreme at times.  This isn’t the kind of subject matter that you expect a lot of people to be cool with.  That said, I’m impressed at how the local talent have taken these characters, accepted them, and brought them to life.

Some of the local talent that I have been really impressed with are Clayton Humburg, Kalena Schubert, Jaan Marion, Brittnee Bell, Samantha McKimm, and David Sanchez.  These are only some of them.  I’m impressed with everyone on the show, but for the sake of making this short – this is who I listed.  I feel like I should say that.

Clayton plays the brother, Jamie Lancaster.  Jamie is a great villain, because he’s not the kind of person who gets his hands dirty.  He’s not Tony Montana or the Joker.  He’s more like Littlefinger from Game of Thrones.  All of his action is done behind the curtain, manipulating people to get what he wants.  Clayton has done a great job at portraying him and audiences are going to see how much of a cold, sociopath Jamie really is.

I would also like to mention that our talent from Local Ambition impresses me too.  Dani Jay, Alexandra Wantland, and Pyramid Williams were all cast members on our modeling reality series, Local Ambition.  Now they are actresses on Brother vs. Sister.  The step from reality to scripted television is huge and they’ve made the climb.

What’s the newest project and do you have a teaser for us to promote it?

We have two new projects – Brother vs. Sister: Season 1 and Local Ambition 5.0 (the 5th season).  Brother vs. Sister will air in either May or June as the first project of our brand new on demand service that we are launching.  We are very excited about that!

Local Ambition 5.0 will start filming in February and wrap in July and will air in September this year.  It will be our biggest season of the show to date with a cash prize for the winner.


Always Late TV.Sarah

I know this is a tough question but, what is your favorite project and why?

This is a very tough question.  I’d say Local Ambition.  I say this because it has a special place in my heart.  It was the first project Always Late TV ever had and it’s improved every year we’ve done it.  Local Ambition has produced a lot of great talent for us and it’s been a lot of fun to make.

We get to choose a cast and see what happens.  We get to see each of them develop over the course of the show; challenging their creativity, modeling skill, and personalities. It’s an amazing show.

Explain the concept behind Brother vs. Sister and where are you with that show?

The plot is centered around a sibling rivalry between Ryan and Jamie Lancaster.  Ryan had everything she ever wanted, but lost it all when her brother told everyone back at home her deepest secret.  Having lost her job, friends, family, and the love of her life – she has nothing left to lose.  She decides to go to River City to find him and teach him a lesson in revenge.

The show follows two parallels – one with Jamie and one with Ryan.  You get to see characters and side stories develop around these two.  Viewers will see gang warfare; the dark side of the adult film industry; shattered relationships; and broken dreams.

AlwaysLateTV Brother vs Sister - Kyle

How would you rate the actors you have playing characters on that show?

Since I’ve mentioned some of them already, I’ll mention some that I haven’t talked about.

Kalena Schubert plays Stacy Hutchins.  She is the ex-best friend of Ryan Lancaster.  After their hometown turned on Ryan, Stacy decided to save her social status and do the same.  She chose her public image over her best friend.  Stacy’s a villain that is going to be very easy to relate to by viewers.  While not everyone can imagine a gun-toting psychopath who terrorizes an entire city, they can picture a small town woman whose interests are more material than anything else.  Kalena is the exact opposite of her character and that’s what impresses me about her performance.  She can completely transform into Stacy and it’s amazing to watch.  Kalena is nice and sweet, but she turns into Stacy, who is a manipulative, spoiled rich brat.

Samantha McKimm is another talented actress.  She plays Luna – Ryan’s new neighbor in River City.  Luna has overcome a lot of struggles in her life, including leaving an abusive ex-boyfriend.  Despite all the pain and suffering she’s experienced, Luna remains positive about her life and does what she can to help others.

When I was watching all the video auditions for Luna, Samantha’s performance stuck out the most.  She was the only one who actually seemed to BE Luna.  Everyone else seemed like they were just reading the lines.  On set, she compliments Ryan’s character perfectly.  While Ryan is brash and sarcastic, Luna is sweet and sincere.  Samantha is one in a million.

Always Late TV2.Hanna

What is local ambition? Describe your thoughts behind that?

Local Ambition is a modeling competition reality series that puts local women from St. Louis, and the surrounding area, against each other.  They compete in themed photo shoots and challenges each week and the women who fall short face elimination.

The show, unlike Top Model or others, takes more of a personal interest in the cast members.  It’s not all about modeling and doesn’t tell women that they need to look a certain way to be beautiful.

Our show promotes body positivity.  Women who of any shape, size, color, or age can participate.  The winner of our last season was Sarah Galbraith – a 33 year old single mother of three.  She was our first plus size model and she competed on the show while being a size 16.


There is drama on the show, but it’s 100% real.  Unlike Top Model, or other shows, we do not script or coach our cast to do or say anything.  The drama occurs organically.  I have a great producer for Local Ambition – Hanna Hetz. She was a finalist on our last season and she has quickly adapted to her new role behind the scenes. She asks a lot of great questions and has an eye for this kind of thing. I’m very impressed with her and can’t wait to see what she can do on our next season.  Chris Hoffman is also someone who continues to impress me. He’s been with Always Late TV since 2013 and he’s moved from photographer to cinematographer. He’s adapted very well from still frames to motion pictures.

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