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Kevin Strieter is the creator, artist and writer of Headliners, a comic that introduces readers to a new universe. Headliners is just the first of many series Kevin has planned. You can check out his work at THE GR1ND just sat down with him for an interview about his comic book and all that he has in the works. Plus you can check out some images form the book in this piece. But don’t let us tell it, here’s Kevin in an exclusive with THE GR1ND-


Describe what Headliners is all about?

The Headliners series is a kick off of the Headliners Universe that features many different types of Heroes, and Villains.  The setting is much like that of the big 2 comic book companies, but because of the events of the Headliners series it will change immensely setting up a vastly different universe that’s ever been in comics before.

What role do you play on this comic?

I’m the creator, writer, artist, letterer, and in many cases the inker and colorist.

What other work have you put out or been involved with?

My only experiences have been involved with the Headliners universe.  Before I started I spent a lot of time studying the literature available about comic books.  Much of the information I studied related to comic book art, but the other stuff included writing, and the overall process of how comics are made.  In some cases admittedly I’m still learning.


Why should a comic fan check out Headliners?

Headliners is everything that you want the big 2 to be as a unified universe.  You don’t have to strain your eyes to connect my books together, the fit is easy and in some cases necessary to give you that broad unified story your looking for in a unified universe.  The characters are unique in their own way, but you can see some similarities between the comic book legendary characters and the Headliners characters.  I’ve tried to keep the similarities to a minimum to make sure what your reading is a new character and not a rip off of something already out there.

By the end of the Headliners series you will see a complete transformation of the world in a way that has never been done before in comics.  You won’t have to look for danger, because it will be everywhere.  Which is really the point of having superheroes.  Unless there is some catastrophe that requires the help of special individuals, then the local governments and police can handle it.


Who are the main characters int he book and what powers do they have?

The Headliners series has many different heroes, and in some cases there are some being created.  Here are a few of the main heroes of the Headliners Universe.

Sam “The Samaritan” North, who has a metal alloy that has infected his body.  It provides him resistance to harm in most cases, and makes him stronger than humans.

Calderan, who is a alien,trapped in our Solar system.  He’s able to generate an alien green fire that allows him to fly.

The controller (Amanda).  Alpha Team is a government organization.  Amanda has no powers, but is in charge of managing the superheroes on this team.

Primus – Calls on immortal essence and magic to give him the super abilities he needs to defeat his foes.

Sandstorm – A speedster who got his name from delivering mail across the desert.

Kronos – The legendary Titan immortal who uses magic to defeat his enemies.

Halfmoon (Villain) – A super powered zombie that comes back every month on the crescent moon to only disappear again on the halfmoon.

The Professor (Villain) – A human with magical abilities.


This is not your typical superhero book or is it? Explain.

Well I think the word typical and superhero are complete opposites when it comes to superhero books, because in superhero books anything goes.  So in that regard, yes it’s a typical superhero book.  In regards to how the Headliners looks and feels, it’s much different.  The settings, and how the characters inter react are much different than the typical superhero book.  In life there are consequences, and unlike other superhero books, the Headliners characters have consequences to all their actions.  That ranges from paying rent to trying to save the world.

What is the process of bringing your characters to life?

Many of the characters mirror me in my life.  Others come from problems I foresee in the Headliners Universe.  Typically I start with an idea, then a sketch.  If I like it, I run it by some people to see what their reaction is before developing a story plot around the character.

What do you have planned next is Headliners a series? a graphic novel? or what?

Headliners is a series, but it’s also a universe.  The Headliners series is planned for 5 books.  The first 2 books are on the Headliners website already (  You can read them now for free. The third book in the series will be posted on the Headliners website mid December 2015.  The best part, it will be posted Netflix style.  The whole book all at once.  Many comic book websites only give you one or two pages a week.  Starting with Headliners #3, I will be posting Headliners books to the website complete.  After the fifth book is complete, the Headliners series will be available as a graphic novel.

In the future there will be Headliners Universe books such as, Primus, Kronos Chronicles, Reapers, and Calderan to start.  Obviously I wont be drawing all of them, but I will be making sure that all stories interlock seamlessly into the Headliners Universe.

Where can people get the comic or check you out?

The best place to get the Headliners comic book is at to read it online for free.  After the series is complete there will be a physical copy of the graphic novel available.

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