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Master Plot comics is the brainchild of Brian Lee Bryd and has a number of interesting comics either out or in the works with titles like Cocaine Pet Shop, Tokyo Ghost and The Offended. As an independent comic publisher Master Plot Comics specializes in creator owned comic books and indie comic book podcasts. After having run several successful kickstarters for various projects on their label they seem well on their way to success. The Gr1nd set down with Brian Lee Byrd for a chat about the Bullets and Angels series-

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What is Bullets and Angles about?

Bullets & Angels: Rosary is an occult action-horror comic book that follows the trials of demon hunter James “Ace” Hollister as he struggles against what he knows to be real and what he wants to believe. Bullets & Angels is broken into volumes, each of which contains a whole segment of an over-arcing story leading to the book of Revelation, and ultimately, the end of the known world. The Bullets & Angels universe is set up to be ever-expanding all while moving forward to a complete and define end. As the flag-ship book for Master Plot Comics, Bullets & Angels is created by Brian Lee Byrd and Sarah Hollis, and staffed by a team of over ten other artists and writers, always working to improve on the series.


What is your role in the comic?

I am the co-creator and co-writer of Bullets & Angels. A few volumes are written solely by myself, while some I have hired other writers to participate on as well. The co-creator, Sarah Hollis, writes the main story with me. I also do the project management, so I make sure that all the artists are on their deadline.


Tell us about the new kickstarter?

The new Kickstarter is for Bullets & Angels: Rosary Issue #3, and features a lot of great backer rewards and add-ons. Cory Hamscher did the main cover art, but there are also two separate Kickstarter Variants that are available through different tiers. The first variant cover is by Kamol Noipewnaun, a wonderful Thai artist and graphic designer that works with me on a Bullets & Angels spin-off. There are 75 copies of that particular cover available, with three different tier levels, one unsigned, one signed, and one with a Kickstarter exclusive print. The second Kickstarter Variant is by Saint Yak, and only 25 of those will be available. There are also one of a kind pieces of art available.


Who is the artist and what does he bring to the book?

 Saint Yak is our artist for Bullets & Angels. His style is very grungy, and many people have said that it is reminiscent of early Spawn. He brings a great deal of talent to the project, and if any other artist had been assigned to work on Bullets & Angels, I don’t think it would have quite the same appeal that it has. The grungy lines and style bring a lot of emotion and impact to the story.


What is up with master plot comics?

Master Plot Comics is an independent comic publishing studio, staffed by myself and ten other wonderful artists and writers. Essentially, we are trying to open up a way for new creators to get into the comic industry, because most publishers, independent or otherwise, will only publish established creators. What that means is that in order to become established, one must self publish for several years in order to become “eligible” for publication through another publishing house. That leaves a big hole in the industry. It makes comics stagnant, because a lot of the new creators don’t have time or resources to self publish their book. Master Plot aims to take that hole and fill it with new, exciting stories from people you’ve never heard of, and make those stories available to readers who want something new.


How were issues 1 and 2 received?

Issues #1 and #2 were well received, with Issue #1 being over 200% funded, and Issue #2 being well past fully funded just a few weeks later. Issue #1 was just officially released earlier this month, and the first book signing we had was packed with people looking to talk about comics, publishing, and buy their book. We’ve had great success, and expect to continue with the same level of enthusiasm we’ve received so far.


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What direction are you going with this series?

As I mentioned before, Bullets & Angels is an ever-expanding series, but we do have a definite end in sight, at least for the main story-line. We can have unlimited number of spin-offs, tangents, and side-stories, but the main story will always end after Volume Five.


Tell us about the two main characters in the comic and what they are fighting against?

 Ace and Alli are an unusual pair, and under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t be working together. They are members of an elite team known as the Circle of Twelve, an underground sect of the Catholic Church meant for the sole purpose of stepping in where normal exorcists have failed. Ace was stationed in Las Vegas, but when things turn sour, he decides to head out toward Boston. His trip is cut short before he even manages to leave by a hellhound attack on what he assumes is a normal girl, but soon finds out is a second member of the Circle, tracking him with the sole purpose of keeping him around. They find that things seem to be heating up in Sin City as missing girls, murdered priests, and a onslaught of Hell’s army closes in around them.

Check out the Kickstarter for more info-


Seth Ferranti is a writer, producer, actor and comic creator. He's created and writes Supreme Team, American Grind and Prison Stories. All forthcoming. He also writes for VICE, The Fix, SLAM, Huffington Post and Don Diva and has 8 true crime books on crack era gangsters out on Gorilla Convict.

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