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Boundead is a new comic from Mel Rubi. Rubi has been working in the comics world for over 20 years illustrating characters and doing covers for Marvel, Darkhorse and Image, among others. He has been around the block as they say but Boundead is a creator owned project that he has put out himself, first though digital issues but now in a printed version. After a successful Kickstarter campaign Rubi is ready to get issue #1 printed up and get it in his supporters hands. He took time out of his busy schedule to chat with The Gr1nd about his new comic, his career, and his video game work. Check out the exclusive interview here-


How did you come up with the concept for Boundead?

The vision of Boundead came from a variety of scripts that I have read throughout my career as an artist.  You can almost say it created a life of its own. While working on projects, images in my mind started to roll in.  So I would set my work aside for just a brief moment and sketched out the thoughts that popped in my head at that particular time. As if it wanted to be revealed. Then as I created the character(s), subtle things in the process would tell me why he or she possessed that strength and what makes them weak? Of course, these were your typical questions when designing characters. Villains would then come to mind as I continued to sketch. Who is this villain and what does he want? It took some years, like over ten years, to figure out his motives. Then it finally hit me.  It was the children whom are born of the undead. Then the story begins to unfold, but you’ll have to read the entire arc to find out what’s so special about these children. That’s how I came up with the concept. I’m just an instrument who is portraying the story.

Explain the motives of the main character Ayr Slash?

Retaliation is the very motive of every living dead in this dark world including Ayr Slash herself.  During the former life,  Ayr was an abused wife.  A day came when she could not take more of the beatings and planned the killing of her husband.  However, that was only the beginning of her dilemma.  She must face him once more at the afterlife.

Describe the world you have created and what its about?

This is not your ordinary world nor have you ever heard about.  One thousand years after the world ended, corpses have risen back to life raging with hate and aggression.  These are the unfortunate with evil hearts that have died and resurrected.  Similar to zombies they crave for sustenance to keep the pain away only with a normal mind like you and I have.  The undead are not alone.  King Ophidian (the devil) and his conjurers have taken control of the undead by ensnaring them with the addiction of man’s will. Ophidian’s specialties are the Boundead.  Having born pure, these children have abilities that the king desire for so he may conquer his enemy’s kingdom.  However there is one that stands in the way, Ayr Slash.

Who does the art for the series?

I illustrate all the art, lettering and story.  Although when push comes to shove, I have a few talented artists lined up to help this book shine at its finest.

How many issues do you plan in the current story arc?

The first story arc will be a total of six issues. We do have plans to turn it into an on-going series.

How did the kickstarter campaign go?

Having tried with so little knowledge about marketing for the first time did not meet the goal that I had anticipated.  Since then I have learned and understood what the fans wanted and launched Boundead issue #1 for the second time.  It was a success and the book was funded.  Currently we Launched issue number two and also was successful.  We’ve also gained more backers for issue two which means so much to us.  I can’t emphasize enough how thankful I am to all that have supported these books.

What other projects are you currently involved in?

I continue to work on covers for independent comic book companies.  I also contract for game companies doing conceptual design and revisions.

Tell us a little about the past work you have done in comics and video games?

1993 was the year I broke into the comics. My very first project was to help finish some of the art pages for Ron Wagner on Morbius for Marvel.  Simultaneously, I was working on Shadow Man for Valiant.  It wasn’t an easy task for a rookie and it surely burnt me out.  Immediately after helping out with Morbius, Bobbie Chase assigned me to pencil Doctor Strange.  Following after are titles like Punisher War Journal, Uncanny X-men and Excalibur. Also a few title from Image Comics such as Grifter, Backlash and Deathblow.  During the late 90’s with Dark Horse, I’ve worked on Predator titles, Kiss and Angel.  Several years later I worked on Red Sonja for Dynamite.  Around 2010, games were growing through social media and I had the urge to expand my skills and explored it.  I started working for Bioware a division of Electronic Arts. I stayed with the company working on character/ environmental concepts and a few website designs for four years.  I then moved to 5th Planet Games working on more conceptual art and currently contract for the company.

For more info check out-  www.melrubi.com

Seth Ferranti is a writer, producer, actor and comic creator. He's created and writes Supreme Team, American Grind and Prison Stories. All forthcoming. He also writes for VICE, The Fix, SLAM, Huffington Post and Don Diva and has 8 true crime books on crack era gangsters out on Gorilla Convict.

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