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Troublesome Two – Fire Pit (Official Video) | Shot by Obscure Diamond

All this trouble got started a few years back when two rowdy kids from opposite sides of the Nebraska track crossed musical paths…

Christian “Fr!day” Freed is from Papillion, Nebraska and was raised in a rock-n-roll household, he started rapping at age 13 after leaving his first band, Krimson Blak. He made music on a crappy karaoke microphone, and if it wasn’t for his stalker-like way of pursuing Gage, he might still be cracklin’ and poppin’ today.

Gage “Lucid” Dixon also hails from Nebraska in Plattsmouth. He was born into rap. Gage was bumping beats in the crib. He started officially rapping at age 12, much to his father’s surprise and joy! His hidden talent was discovered by his dad on YouTube after a questionable occurrence involving a go-cart, and he’s been openly making a ruckus with his music ever since.

When these kids started rappin’ together, all hell broke loose! With their controversial content and fire and ice sound, these two bad boys have been banned by school districts and teenage girls’ parents everywhere. Here is The Gr1nd exclusive-

What is your Background? Give us a bit about your history, how you met, and how you found your sound?

Fr!day: I was always more in rock and metal music when I was younger. I always wanted to be in a band. So the legend goes… I met Lucid through a friend I played football with. I told him I was trying to write a song and he told me check out “GMD” hahah The first songs I made with him sucked but after a while, Troublesome Two came to life.

Lucid: I listened to rap music since I was born. NWA and many other old school rappers were what was being played around me since I was little. I met Christian through a mutual friend. Christian sent me a few texts and I almost just didn’t respond to him because he was ugly, but then I did and we progressively got better and better as we made more music.

Being young MC’s from the Omaha area, give us your perspective on the local music scene and what it’s like to be apart of it?

Fr!day: It seems like the Omaha music scene has been split up and separated for a while. That’s just how it seemed at first. We met a (Numetal?) band, Projekt Luna, and their frontman, Louie Beunrostro. Louie started One Scene One Love with some others and from there on, it’s like the music scene turned into a huge family. There’s still the guys that I don’t like though haha

Lucid: Being apart of the music scene in my opinion has it’s good and it’s bad, just like anything else. A lot of people are willing to work as a team. That’s why we’re involved with the group called “One Scene, One Love” because it brings everyone together and opens doors for everybody to work with each other. But there’s also people that will backstab you, take from you, lie to you, and other bullshit. You have to learn who’s on your side and who’s against you. To be honest I dislike about 75% of the people in this business. But it’s okay, the other 25% knows what’s up.

How do you think you stand out as artists from the rest of the scene? 

Fr!day: We stand out for sure.. Anyone will agree on that. We don’t sugar coat much. If people swing at us, we swing back a lot harder… if people show us love, we show love to them. We have our own sound, we bring our own energy and our own way of doing things. Something that only works for us.

Lucid: Well, our music itself speaks for itself. Nobody out there, not even just locally, sounds like we do. We sound like Troublesome Two. We talk about some different types of things. We are very self-aware in our music and as people, so that is the main thing that makes us stand out. Self-awareness and originality.

You guys just released a new single and video “Fire Pit.” How did the song concept come to life and what made you guys choose the song to push?

Fr!day: For the song Fire Pit, Lucid just hit me up and was like “Aye man I got this new track for you…It’s hella weird”. And to my surprise, it was actually a lot different from any other sounds we’ve made. When I heard about us doing a video with Obscure Diamond, we were kinda in a scramble to pick a song because we wanted a track that would really pop. Thanks to Obscure Diamond, the Fire Pit song AND video is a masterpiece.

Lucid: First of all the concept is us “dragging fans” to the fire pit. It has a lot to do with out album’s concept, which cannot yet be explained to the public. But it pretty much represents us even dragging the people who disliked our music into our camp and making them like us. They can hate and say whatever they want about us, but we will win them over and throw their bodies into a fire that will shit on their souls. I think it was the perfect song to release because of the attitude and sound of the song overall.

In the past you guys have handled your own video productions with much success. How was the process different to work with a production company to help make your vision come to life?

Fr!day: Doing the video with an actual production company was WAY better than doing it ourselves… Much more experience and a lot more possibilities working with them. It was all in all a real dope experience.

Lucid: Well, working with Obscure Diamond on the Fire Pit video was a hell of a lot of fun. I had a blast and the work they did on it was incredible. It’s by far our best video. The quality, effects, everything was perfect in my eyes. So working with them on this project made us look great. Big props to them for the work they put into it. They did an amazing job, and I can’t speak for them but I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to work with them more.

What do you guys hope to achieve with this video release? 

Fr!day: With this video, the goal is really to make the next step in our career. Let people know that we are hungry. Also, itd be nice to achieve a better relationship with Obscure Diamond. Build off each other and team up on a lot more projects. Stuff like that.

Lucid: I want the money, the women, the fortune and fame.

Up until this point in time, what has been the biggest milestones of your career?

Fr!day: So far, we’ve been getting a good amount of radio play on local radio stations. We’ve been on 2 tours so far, with Johnny Richter and G-Mo Skee, we’re playing a show with Kevin Gates. It seems like we’re constantly being hit with new opportunities so who knows? Our next big milestone could happen tomorrow haha

Lucid: The shows we have put on in my hometown of Plattsmout have been dope! We toured with G-Mo Skee, Johnny Richter, and have had the opportunities to get our music out there past just the Omaha area. We just keep building off small wins.

What can we expect from T2 this next year? 

Fr!day: Expect lots of punches in the face this year.. Music videos with dope visuals, some insanely energetic shows, and our album… Yeah our album is our main focus at the moment. Perfecting every detail.

Lucid: You can expect hella music, lots of videos, a new full album of our best work to date, and many live shows. You can expect greatness out of us because we will not settle for anything less than that. Our fanbase will keep growing and we will keep building off of the successes we achieve.

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