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MOUSEKECHEERS – Must Drinks at the Epcot World Showcase (Part 1)

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Previously on MOUSEKECHEERS we introduced the sloshed sport of Drinking around the World Showcase at Disney’s Epcot theme park. Today we’ll cover the “must drinks” at each stop on the tipsy tour, starting at the Mexico pavilion and moving counter-clockwise. In this first part we’ll travel from Mexico to Italy, before coming back to finish the trek in the second installment.


If there is one spirit that Mexico is known for it’s tequila. At La Cava del Tequila, the agave distilled liquor flows daily. The “Cave” is nestled off the outskirts of a replica Mexican plaza, set under a perpetually starry sky. It creates the perfect imbibing ambience just as scheduled performances by a mariachi band adds a festive soundtrack. It’s a tough call whether to order a shot of tequila or one of the tasty specialty margaritas. But an epic event like “drinking around the world” deserves a proper kick-off, so the must drink recommendation is the tequila flight. It serves a shot of each tequila style with a Blanco, a Reposado, and an Añejo. Because what’s better than uno tequila, but tres tequilas!

Tequila Flight from La Cava Del Tequila
Tequila Flight from La Cava Del Tequila


The Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe offers a sweet selection of Norway’s national favorites. (School bread!) It also doubles as a watering hole, because what’s a bakery without booze? There are some regional wines and brews on menu, but the Linie Aquavit Glacier Shot is the must drink. Despite the chill name it’s liquid fire. With a licorice taste, some hate it, some love it, but it’s unique and worth a try. And at 80-proof it carries over the Mexico momentum.

Norweigan castmember poses with a bottle of Linie Aquavit
Norweigan cast member poses with a bottle of Linie Aquavit and Glacier Shot.


While China has much to offer as far as shopping and child labor acrobats, it falls short on the booze end. Still when drinking around the world, no bottle is left unturned. Here the must drink is the plum wine. A little light and sweet, consider it break after the Mexico-Norway jumpstart.

Chilling with a Chinese plum wine
Chilling with a Chinese plum wine.


It’s all about beer in Germany. And what better place to enjoy a cold, frothy one than at Epcot’s Biergarden restaurant? It’s Oktoberfest year-round at communal tables where the ale flows under the aplomb of an Oompah band. There are lots of good brews to be had along with a buffet spread of German cuisine.  It’s tempting to pair a beer sampler with the sausage fest, but the must drink suggestion is to go big with a 1/2 liter of Altenmünster Oktoberfest. It’s easy drinking and perfect to wash down the schnitzel.

German cast members pour wine by the glass in the wine celalr.
German cast members pour wine by the glass.


The Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is the next stop on the thirsty tour. Per the namesake, wine is the focus in the small intimate space fashioned after an old Italian wine cellar. Grab a table or spot at the bar and peruse the extensive wine list featuring 200 bottles and select pours. With a selection this large, wine drinkers are bound to find something to indulge in, even better when paired with a snack of Italian meets and cheeses. But go for the gusto with a wine flight. The must drink is the classic sampler of three wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Primitivo, better known to Americans as Zinfandel. For the more adventurous there is a super-sized “Grand Tour”, featuring six pours from sparkling Prosecco to super-sweet Moscato.

Italian cast members pour a sampling of regional wines.
Italian cast members pour a sampling of regional wines.

This brings us near the half-way point in the drinking quest around Epcot World Showcase. Next time, we’ll pick up in America and travel to Canada, was delicious stops in between. Have a favorite “must drink” not on this list? Please share it in the comments. Mousekecheers!

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