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Run Like Hell When four friends end up stranded in the small town of Spaulding, one local family offers help. The family’s real motives become terrifyingly obvious, as the couples find themselves fighting for their lives. The Gr1nd got with filmmaker James Thomas for an interview about the film he made with his production company, Two Guys and a Film. Check out the interview-
What is Run Like Hell about?
Run Like Hell is about four friends who end up stranded in a small town. They meet a local family that offers help. The family’s real motives become terrifyingly obvious, as the couples find themselves fighting for their lives.Director_DP_RLH_BTS
What was the filming process like?Shooting Run Like Hell was a very unique process because we actually shot two feature films Hard Sun and Run Like Hell back-to-back. When I say back-to-back I mean that we wrapped HS on Friday and started shooting RLH the following Monday. It was a long and grueling process. Some days on set were 125 degrees (F) but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.
When was it released and where can people find it?We were lucky to find a home with Gravitas Ventures who has treated the film amazingly. In addition, Millennium Entertainment has come on board to handle DVD through a relationship they have with Gravitas.You can currently find the film on almost every platform (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu) and the DVD is currently available at many retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.

You can also support us as filmmakers directly by purchasing the movie through the official website – www.runlikehellthemovie.com.

How big of a crew did you have to film it?

The cast needed to be small. That was a service of the script and story. They crew however, was small because we were mostly gorilla filmmaking and we needed to move quickly. We also were working with a smaller budget and couldn’t afford a full crew. One way that this came back to bite us was in sound. Because we didn’t get great production sound, we spent almost five months at the sound design facility fixing the movie.


Tell us about your production house Two Guys and a Film?Canyon and I met on a music video in 2011. I was gaffing the video and he was directing it. I had directed some small things here and there and we got to talking about features. One of us mentioned that we should just go shoot some movies and then we kind of parted for a bit. In December of that year, over sushi, I pitched the idea of really going and making some movies. That day we decided to shoot them back-to-back and by the end of the month we had shooting scripts and were location scouting.The focus of Two Guys is to produce and distribute gritty, real life films that don’t pull any punches. Regardless of genre, you can always find raw and emotional stories that feel visceral and real. As we move forward as a production company, we will continue to cross genres because while each story is different, the films we produce will always have that Two Guys look and feel to it. We’ve also recently launched our own distribution wing “WM Releasing” (www.wmreleasing.com) to focus on helping other filmmakers get their films out there. If you have any questions for us or a film you’d like to submit you can email info@twoguysandafilm.com.

What made you want to start making films?

I was one of those kids trying to film everything he could. I would make fake music videos, commercials for weird things, and little movies with my friends in high school. That passion really started to kick off my sophomore year when I took a “Media Arts” class at the local vocational school. There I learned how to edit on adobe’s first version of premiere. They also had a nicer camera than mine and would let me check it out. That was the beginning of this amazing and crazy journey.


What would you say to get someone to watch Run Like Hell?If you like fun road trip horror movies with some brutal ass kicking action thrown in. This is your movie.What would you compare the movie to?

It’s hard to compare. I can tell you that some of my favorite films and films that influenced me a lot were films like, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Devil’s Rejects. I really like the way those films don’t have monsters or creatures in them, but show people as the villains. I think that’s real because in life – terrifying monsters are the bad guys, terrifying people are.

What movies inspired you to do what you do?

Gritty and violent movies like The Godfather, Gladiator, Braveheart, Chinatown, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and Star Wars. Funny movies like Stripes, Airplane (most of the Zuckar Brothers works), Dumb and Dumber, and who couldn’t be inspired by the Back to the Future trilogy. And every fun 80’s and 90’s slasher flick from Halloween to Friday the 13th and even the Gremlin movies. I’ve always had a dynamic range in taste both in music and in film.


What actors did you use for the movie?When shooting your first film, one of the big things you need to do is protect your set. (I think it’s important on every film, but especially your first film.) We went through the normal casting process on the film, but I put in some people I knew. The casting director, without knowing, called all of them to call backs. (I only went to call backs, I almost never go to the initial casting sessions.) When it came down to deciding between actors, I went with people I had great relationships with because I knew they would be down for the grittiness of a low budget set. You can check out our full cast list on our IMBD page – (www.imdb.com/title/tt2951396)



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