Spooky Sequel to Out of the Blue Anthology Accepting Submissons

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Stache, a small-press comic publisher, announced a call for short works for a new horror-themed comic collection. Planned for Halloween, the anthology will be a spooky sequel to 2014’s Out of the Blue. Marta Tanrikulu, Corey Fryia and Marcus Muller are returning as editors with Claire Connelly (The Long Year, Black Eyes) providing cover art.

“The first volume collected some very fine stories under an umbrella theme of strangeness. Having an anthology championed by a supportive small publisher allowed the contributors to have their work made available both through online marketplaces digitally and in print, as well as directly to fans at conventions and local comics shops. I’m excited to be involved again in putting together a sequel that will entrance people like me who enjoy scares and surprises, especially around Hallowe’en,” said Tanrikulu.

A page from Deliveries from the first Out of the Blue

As with the first volume, royalties will benefit The Comic Book Project, a child literacy initiative.­­ “Stache’s mission is to get people to experience the fun and personal fulfillment that comes from making comics,” said the project manager for Stache. “With ‘Out of the Blue’ we are excited to team up with The Comic Book Project and inspire the next generation of comic creators.”

A page from Demoniac, one of the shorts in the original Out of the Blue.
A page from Demoniac, one of the shorts in the original Out of the Blue.

In addition to having a scary slant, strange stories with twist endings will be favored. Preference will be given to works with no previous publication, followed by those with very limited or digital-only publication, or published in a language other than English. Submissions should be complete and in full color or tones. (Black and white comics will be considered only as a stylistic choice deemed essential to the story.) Submissions of finished short comics will be accepted from July 10 through July 31.

To submit, email a low-resolution version as an attachment or secure link to the editor at spcanthology@gmail.com. If the work was previously published or accepted for publication, please state where. A short biography (~50 words) for each creator is also requested with each submission. A copy of the completed book will be provided to the creators.

The original Out of the Blue may be purchased from Amazon or directly from the publisher. A digital copy may be downloaded from Drive Thru Comics.


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